hi, I'm elena.

I love to work with different people & different media formats on different stories …

Feel free to contact me for story consulting, mentoring, AI & interactive projects!

Here are a few examples of my work:

Currently I am working on COMFORTZONE, an interactive impact story about a dystopian dictatorship and difficult decisions. We are planning to use it in schools for political education to create interest in topics like human rights and democratic backsliding through emotions and immersion. The game is produced in cooperation with the indie game studio Spoonful Games from Cologne and the Youth Foundation Baden-Wuerttemberg such as the Center for Didactic Computer Game Research from the College of Education in Freiburg.

In 2020, we traveled to Kenya with a 3D scan of a mysterious Kenyan object that my co-director Saitabao Kaiyare and I found in the basement of the Linden-Museum in Stuttgart. We wanted to show the object as an AR installation to the Kenyans to find out if somebody remembered what it was used for. After a journey of over 700 kilometers, we found the answer - and brought the real object out of the basement: It now can be found from 2nd July 2023 in the Linden-Museum along with our AR installation, our insights from our research and scenes from our documentary IF OBJECTS COULD SPEAK that even got us a nomination at the African oscars and several film awards.

Besides my own work, I am a mentor at the film festival GIRLS GO MOVIE. I support young aspiring filmmakers in all stages of the development and production of their films. Empowerment is very important to me: I believe that there are a lot of young talented people out there who don’t know that their good ideas can actually be supported through different programs. My goal is to help those good ideas come to life - and ambitious people to live their dream!

Based in Stuttgart, I still love to work all around the globe, but also to participate in a bunch of local events and programs: It was a blast to be presented at the CREÄTIVE HOUSE! And right now, I am curating an exhibition about toxic love & violence with different local artists and mixed media … If you are interested to learn more, feel free to reach out!